Graham Moss Joins Tradeworks as Head of Sales

Graham Moss Joins Tradeworks as Head of Sales

Tradeworks onboarded Graham Moss as the company’s new Head of Sales, according to publicly available information on LinkedIn. The company has been working on developing a trading strategy automation product for foreign exchange and CFDs traders.

Mr Moss joins the company after spending over two and a half years as Institutional Sales Executive at GWAZY and five years as a Marketing Executive at Windsor Brokers.

Trade automation has been gathering speed ever since the foreign exchange industry was created. The first expert advisors that were developed by retail traders for the MeatTrader platform pioneered a new way for small time traders to play the market.

Until recently automated trading was requiring a lot of coding experience and complex mathematics. With the growth of the industry, a number of firms have set out to bridge the gap between clients that have no coding experience and the easy user friendly creation of algorithmic trading strategies.

Tradeworks is one of the companies that has set out to cater to the needs of traders that don’t have coding experience and are willing to digitalize their trading strategies.


Source: Finance Magnates

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