FOREX the world of monetary freedom!

Expression: FOREX the world of monetary freedom, exists for a long time and justifies itself. International money markets represent unique capabilities for Great profit. Being the koshe backbone of the leading economies of the world, financial markets regulate world trade, starting with metal and Completing oil and including cocoa. An integral part of the world financial markets – conducting operations with foreign currency funds on the Forex market, Trading economic instruments such as bonds, stocks, financial and commodity futures. The sizes of trades are enormous.

The daily turnover only in the Forex – global exchange market of different countries is about four trillion US dollars a day. Such everyday Turnover far exceeds the total price of shares that change their owners on global stock exchanges for a whole year. Probability of reception Boundless and quick profits when working with these tools – the main factor by which a lot of businessmen choose commodity markets and Forex.

Work on the stock exchanges.

If you understand, Forex is not a “market” in the classical sense of the word. He does not have a specific place for trading, as, for example, the stock exchange.

Trade passes through computer terminals and on a telephone system simultaneously in several hundreds of world banks.

Conducting foreign exchange and other related transactions in foreign exchange markets is one of the most difficult, and very specific activities, called Money dealing, which is performed by high-class specialists/dealers.

There are three main types of such operations:

  1. Operations of the Spot type, in which the delivery date is considered the second business day after the day of the conclusion of the contract.
  2. Forward transactions. In these operations, the delivery time can be from a couple of days to several years.
  3. Options and cash futures, where the delivery time is determined by the exchange in accordance with the exchange rules.

Also, it should be noted that the money transactions are classified as marginal contracts, which are not regulated by the regulatory bodies such as SEC And the size of the credit “shoulder” or margin is determined only by agreement between the client and the bank or a brokerage company, which guarantees him access to Forex market. The amount of this margin loan is actually dependent only on the amount of the client’s trade deposit and is traditionally equal to 1:50 or 1: 100. For example, by making a deposit of $ 2,000 and if you were given a “shoulder” of 1:50, the customer has the ability to trade the value of what Is equivalent to 100 000 dollars. And otherwise the cash trading account functions in the same way as the margin brokerage investment accounts.

The key to successful Forex trading is to rely on such nuances of the investment process as: technical analysis; Fundamental analysis; management; Risk and psychology.

In this article, we have considered only the main points related to the work of traders in Forex. This activity is multifaceted and interesting, it allows anyone Man to find his way to monetary freedom, and perhaps to another way of life.

FOREX the world of monetary freedom – just believe in yourself!

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