Equities.com Kicks Off its Flat-Fee Unlimited Trading Offering

Equities.com Kicks Off its Flat-Fee Unlimited Trading Offering

Fintech company Equities.com today launched its anticipated flat-fee unlimited trading service, allowing traders and investors the ability to buy and sell equities with no commissions for the first time ever—all for only
$29.95 a month, according to a corporate statement.

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Specifically, the new platform is providing Equities.com users an unlimited, free monthly trading subscription for the first two months and following the initial two-month period for an unlimited $29.95 monthly trading fee.

To put that in context, Equities.com has partnered earlier in March with Tradier Brokerage, a cloud-based financial services company, to unbundle traditional trading, giving investors news, data, and content on one platform with no commissions or hidden fees.

From Equities.com’s perspective, the new platform generates value to their users who will be able to execute all of their stock transactions and their research in one place. Combining Tradier’s brokerage service with Equities.com’s financial media coverage allows investors to read about emerging growth companies and key trends, then make a trade on a single destination portal.

As part of the arrangement, subscribers will have access to unlimited trading in U.S. equities and ETFs including the NYSE-, NASDAQ-, and BATS-listed companies. Further, it will begin to offer options trading capabilities later in the year.

Source: Finance Magnates

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