Bitcoin Client Released by Gavin Wood’s Parity Technologies

Bitcoin Client Released by Gavin Wood’s Parity Technologies

Parity Technologies, which was founded by Gavin Wood, founder and former CTO of Ethereum, has released a Bitcoin technology stack including its own implementation of the Bitcoin protocol.

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Parity Bitcoin was developed by the team that created much of Ethereum and its premier commercial implementation. The developers promise that because it was written in the safe and fast language of Rust, it boasts a level of clean-ness, performance and reliability difficult to find in existing Bitcoin software.

Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, founder of ZCash, commented: “Zcash is based on Bitcoin, and we’ve started using Rust, so we’re delighted to see a full Bitcoin implementation in Rust from a good team. This kind of innovation helps move the whole ecosystem forward.”

The development was initially sponsored by leading Bitcoin mining pools F2Pool, Bixin (formerly HAOBTC) and Bitmain. “Parity’s implementation is an excellent addition to a growing number of Bitcoin implementations. The diversity and choice better represent the different participants in the eco-system, allowing everyone to adopt a solution that works for them.”

Parity Bitcoin is fully compliant with the legacy Bitcoin reference implementation and allows other projects to fork and build on top of the codebase.

Wood said: “We’re really glad to hand this to the Bitcoin developer community and hope the fresh start can form a springboard for innovation”, he added. “We’d love to work with other Bitcoin protocol folk to get key improvements like Schnorr signature schemes widely adopted.”

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