Backpack Announces Partnership with CFH Clearing

Backpack Announces Partnership with CFH Clearing

Backpack, a Singapore base back office CRM SaaS service firm, has released a statement regarding a partnership with prime of prime brokerage CFH Clearing. The collaboration is aimed at providing brokers with a solution for their website related needs.

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The solution is designed to offer brokerages easy, quick, and cost effective access to the tools that their websites require, including liquidity for top tier banks and non-bank entities, CRM solutions, back office systems, reporting, business intelligence tools, and more.

This new model will be a one stop shop that will offer a time effective solution that a combination of systems from different suppliers cannot deliver. The press release claims that there will an emphasis on the allure of APAC, which has experienced noticeable growth in the numbers of startup online trading companies.

Backpack Announces Partnership with CFH Clearing Yoni Avital

Yoni Avital, founder and CEO of Backpack and co-founder of Tradesmarter Holdings, said: “Our partnership with CFH Clearing is a true game changer for existing and new B2B customers. It allows them to launch their brokerages far faster than ever before and at a lower cost. Clients will no longer need to search for separate back-office components such as CRM, payment aggregators, onboarding registration, ID verification (KYC, AML), 360 reporting and business intelligence tools. They will also no longer need to involve system integrators to connect the solutions together. With the use of our smart widgets system, setting up and running a complete brokerage solution has never been easier. By partnering with CFH Clearing, with its market leading liquidity and wide choice of trading platforms, we have created a very attractive and scalable offering – providing brokers with a complete and competitive solution.”

Marc Hoyer, Executive Director of CFH Clearing, further commented: “Our partnership with Backpack is a very exciting development. It helps clients who are seeking a truly complete front-to-back brokerage solution with the highest quality tools, whilst operating securing and efficiently. With the combined offering from CFH Clearing and Backpack, brokers will be able to expand their operations globally using a single software solution.”

In November, Finance Magnates covered CFH Group’s acquisition by Playtech, a gaming technology giant, for $120 million, as the latter decided to get involved in the B2B sector.

Source: Finance Magnates

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